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Adriana Hoyos


Adriana Hoyos

                                                                                        Abstract Expressionist Painter

I started painting since I was a child, I took different drawing, painting and sculpting lessons throughout the years, until I sold my first piece at the age of 16. I kept painting and participating in art shows, primarily for small charities. In my late twenties I was invited to participate in a more serious/professional setting where I was lucky to be at at the first Art Basel Miami Beach in 2002 with one painting. After that, some more doors opened for me and I had the chance to participate in exhibitions in New York, Miami, Boston, Bogota and Madrid, including ArtBo and Arco. Some galleries have represented my art, over the years, including Knoedler, Baobab, Andiamo a Casa, Veranda, Proyecta and now ArteVivo. I have been invited to some art competitions, where I have earned a couple of awards, including first place at Harvard University’s art show in 2012.

My paintings and drawings are the reflection of a constant inner search that seeks to escape the illusion of fear. I try to see myself in others; I attempt to feel their pain and experience their joy as if they were a part of my own existence. I look for the common emotions that make us human, trying to capture the irrationality that drives the way we live above an eternal tension of the soul.

I am passionate about ART as an engine that creates a continuous pendulum oscillating between two worlds: the micro and the macro cosmos. The subtle intersection of these tensions inspires me to create two different series, that have no specific timeframe. The two series are born simultaneously, unexpectedly -like life itself. They appear whenever they need to take form.

The first series as an expression on my macrocosm is named "Infatuation". It is pure abstract, like a dance between color and texture. Mostly using large formats, I appease an obsession with filling the blank; a need to meld birth and death, light and darkness, rough and smooth. Infatuation's paintings are an invitation to feel the passion infused into each canvas. It is a call to unconsciously look for the random shapes and forms that give a unique meaning to each observer.

The other series called "Oneiric Precision" represents my microcosm. It is a return to childhood as the garden where we play throughout our life. A pop of color over the black and white realistic pencil drawings highlights the main theme of each piece. Some of the small format images are inspired by a few 20th century devotion-centered photographers. I aim to transform the viewer’s experience through a purpose and into a reality as a quest of chasing the present. I am thankful for having a natural way to meditate through brushes, pencils and paint, while creating tangible emotions that come to me as pure serendipity.

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