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We are in the business of selling art that contributes to improving planetary health.

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We exhibit and sell art that contributes to improving planetary health, focused on concrete and positive actions to understand and help the environment: Climate action, community support, education, among others.

Artevivo's artwork sales, exhibitions, projects and products allocate time and resources to solid causes and institutions. We believe in systemic change through partnerships.



We like to collaborate with brands or institutions that represent our values and ideals.


Indigo Life

Indigo and Artevivo collaborate on projects for action, education and climate awareness. Including the Bluemind book and the collaboration with the sailing boat viva Mexico in the Ocean Race, the race for ocean conservation.


Dibujando un mañana

Artevivo and Fundación dibujando un mañana collaborate on projects that include art with purpose, waste management and education through art, among others.

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