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Blanca Garza

I always dreamed of being an artist and a teacher, to be able to share my passion, what I know and what I am with others; I could not live without it. It enriches me a lot to work with others, it fills me as a human being; because, just as I share my knowledge with them, they feed me back, making me grow and develop much more.

In my work I am passionate about acrylics, I like the transparency of watercolors, I am crazy about textures, I like textures, contrasts, experimenting with new materials and volumes.

I like to tell stories, to reflect that the world is not only tragedy, despair; but on the contrary, that the world and people have much to give and offer.

I continue in the search for transcendence and evolution as an artist and as a human being, I hope that my work can reach other spaces and other places to spread my message.

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