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Ermilio Espinosa

Visual artist specialized in painting, with great interest in the technical handling, as well as in the poetic and philosophical aspect of the work. He has a degree in Visual Arts with orientation in Painting from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico; he has also studied in several renowned cultural centers in his country. His encounter with painting comes from childhood, due to the great influence of his grandfather, Ermilo Torre Gamboa, a renowned Yucatecan artist.

Ermilo Espinosa has sought, since his beginnings, mastery of the brush and deep communication with the viewer: "The painting I seek lives with one foot in the present and another in timelessness, taking one step in the local and another in the universal. It responds to social and political life, portrays the current and ephemeral reality, but also seeks a poetry that delves into the innermost human emotions and conditions that transcend time and geography. It must be brutal and beautiful, cruel and hopeful".

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