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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Artevivo is an international company that represents contemporary visual artists. Our focus includes opening the fascinating world of art to all. Through a platform that employs conventional and unconventional spaces, Artevivo offers its select group of artists the opportunity to share their talent that tells a story.

Artevivo offers an experience that is fun and accessible, that connects art with the challenges of the moment. In this way we position ourselves at the vanguard of the creative consciousness and, via the powerful mediating force of art, aim to art with purpose.

We are in the business of selling art that betters the world, and that is why we are Artevivo, Art with Purpose.

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Karla Canavan



Karla has been in love with art since she was a child thanks to the beauty, cultural diversity, and artistic talent that she was surrounded by in her birthplace of Mexico. Her lifelong passion for art led to her realizing her dream to study Art History in Florence, 30 years ago. Since then she met numerous international artists through her work successfully managing investments, international commerce, sustainability and food security.

Karla leverages more than three decades of experience in international business. Her focus on environmental and social causes is backed by over one hundred executed international projects.

Karla has managed teams and projects on a global level for Fortune 500 companies, with projects spanning six of seven continents. Artevivo is a lifelong dream coming true.




Rosana Alatorre



Rosana has dedicated her professional life to developing businesses in health and beauty sectors. She has been a pioneer in the business of organic and holistic nutrition, aesthetic clinics employing innovative technologies, and has worked as a brand ambassador for luxury jewelry and watch companies.

Rosana has represented many international brands in jewerly, horology, and fashion, promoting pieces created by visual artists and communities with a focus on social and environmental issues.

She also has extensive experience in real estate and in the sale of art between private collectors in Mexico and Latin America. Since she was a child, she has maintained her connection with art visiting numerous artists’ studios and expositions. For Rosana, Artevivo is a dream that combines her passion for art with the purpose to help noble causes.

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