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Roberto Tostado

Born in Torreon Coahuila in 1980. A painter by trade, like those of yesteryear, diligent and disciplined, he works in his studio with large canvases, lots of oil and an apron. With a strong stroke and an enormous talent for drawing, Roberto Tostado's work is direct, unscrupulous and with a very fine sense of humor.

His work concentrates, not on a specific theme, but on an impulse that seems to spring from his walk through the world; he paints what he sees, what he feels, what moves him and moves him. Tostado is an example of how to be a true painter in these times of late postmodernism, without hiding his influences, his work reflects his closeness to German expressionism, he is steeped in modernism and the avant-garde, anointed by Velázquez and the Spanish baroque, and all this, unattached to the conceptual, but perfectly articulated in its concept.

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