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Julieta Senger


Julieta Senger

                                         Traditional Painter, Digital Artist


Julieta Anahí Senger is a visual artist born in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires on October 31, 1993.

She grew up steeped in art, since her mother, Leila Napque, an architect and visual artist, educated her and her sisters in the use of creativity as a tool to create "a world of colors" in a context that was somewhat gray.

In 2001, her mother opened the doors of Golden Tip, the art studio that saw Julieta play and create freely. At 18, after finishing high school, she decided to study right there with a hyperrealist teacher to acquire mastery of the oil technique, while training professionally as an actress, dancer and singer at Escuela Proscenio.

In 2014, she partnered with Leila Napque, joining as a painting teacher in the workshop. Since then, she has had her space in teaching and works as a freelance artist in different branches of visual art.

In parallel, the fusion of scenic and plastic art led her to know and explore the world of scenography, carrying out the art direction of various plays in Buenos Aires. In 2019 she began to delve into digital art, finding there a wonderful tool that led her to realize in 2021 her first personal collection of digital paintings.

“I recognize myself as an artist in constant development. My search is, however, both inward and outward. I cannot conceive of any technique that alone encompasses the power of what a heart can communicate when opened. That is why I study, but I also live, travel, fall in love and feel”.

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